An experience throughout centuries

The history of Palazzo Buonaccorsi, which is registered in the list of the Sienese Cultural Heritage, dates back to the thirteenth century. Like many of the private buildings in town, the Palazzo was handed over different families. The first written documents date back to the Quattrocento, when it was bought by a member of the Venerosi family, Michele da Pisa, who later added the last name Pesciolini, that probably comes from the word Peccioli, a town in the area of Pisa where he had lived before, or from the Italian word "pesciolini", literally "little fishes", a nickname that he probably gained as a boy when he used to fish in the Era river near Pisa. One of Michele's daughters, Apollonia, who inherited most of his father's assets, married the son of Francesco Brogi, the owner of another house-tower in San Matteo Street (today Torre Pesciolini). Their second son then turned his last name from Brogi to Pesciolini and inherited the Tower and the Palazzo. In the seventeenth century a member of the Vichi family coming from Orvieto (the son of Giovanbattista Vichi, buried in Orvieto), bought the Palazzo. The Vichi family resided here until 1927, when the Boldrinis bought the Palazzo from Giuseppe Vichi, the Town Hall Engineer. Pietro Boldrini and his wife, in 1990 decided to use the second floor of the Palazzo as a holiday accommodation. Today their son Pierluigi, together with his wife Marzia, are proud to continue this family tradition and open the ancient doors of this historical residence to offer their guests a very pleasant stay under the medieval towers of San Gimignano.